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AuthorAuthor: Chris Cammack
Updated: March 9, 2022
Last Updated On March 9, 2022
Chris Cammack

AUD/JPY Background

The AUD/JPY is used by many traders to diversify their portfolios away from major pairs that feature the USD. While both the AUD and the JPY are heavily influenced by the USD, this currency pair is most obviously correlated with oil prices – as Australia is a large exporter and Japan is a large importer – and economic events in China.

As a minor pair, the AUD/JPY can suffer from lack of liquidity, so it is important to trade this pair during the Asian market sessions – between midnight and 6am GMT. It’s also important to note that the AUD/JPY tends to be more volatile than major pairs and large drops and spikes in price are relatively common. Spreads are also wider than major pairs, with the industry average spread at 2 pips, though some Australian brokers can offer spreads as low as 1 pip.

The table below shows the Forex brokers with the lowest trading costs for AUD/JPY, including the spread and commission. It also details the industry average spread and industry average trading cost for 1 lot of AUD/JPY.

Best AUDJPY Forex Brokers

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Overall Rating
Official Site
Min. Spread
Cost of Trading (USD)
Ind. Avg. Spread
Ind. Avg. Trading Cost
Max. Leverage (Forex)
International Regulators
Trading Desk
4.51 /5
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89%74- of retail CFD accounts lose money
1.00 pipsUSD 0USD 102 pipsUSD 25.77200:1FCA Regulated Forex BrokersASIC BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersBundesanstalt für FinanzdienstleistungsaufsichtSecurities Commission of the BahamasCapital Markets AuthorityNDD
4.69 /5
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68% of retail CFD accounts lose money
1.80 pipsUSD 0USD 182 pipsUSD 25.77200:1FCA Regulated Forex BrokersASIC BrokersFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityBundesanstalt für FinanzdienstleistungsaufsichtFinancial Markets Authority of New ZealandDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersFinancial Services AgencyCommodity Futures Trading AssociationMarket Maker
4.58 /5
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70.3% of retail CFD accounts lose money
2.50 pipsUSD 0USD 252 pipsUSD 25.77300:1FCA Regulated Forex BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersASIC BrokersFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityBritish Virgin Islands Financial Services CommissionMarket Maker
4.48 /5
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70% of retail CFD accounts lose money
0.90 pipsUSD 4USD 132 pipsUSD 25.77500:1CySEC Regulated BrokersFCA Regulated Forex BrokersLabuan Financial Services AuthorityFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityThe Seychelles Financial Services AuthorityDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersSTP
IC Markets
4.46 /5
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70.81% of retail CFD accounts lose money
1.50 pipsUSD 0USD 152 pipsUSD 25.77500:1CySEC Regulated BrokersASIC BrokersThe Seychelles Financial Services AuthoritySecurities Commission of the BahamasECN/DMA
4.49 /5
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76% of retail CFD accounts lose money
2.10 pipsUSD 0USD 212 pipsUSD 25.77400:1ASIC BrokersFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityCySEC Regulated BrokersFinancial Services AgencyCentral Bank of IrelandFinancial Regulatory Services AuthorityMarket Maker
4.35 /5
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75.33% of retail CFD accounts lose money
0 pipsUSD 0USD 00 pipsUSD 01000:1CySEC Regulated BrokersASIC BrokersDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersInternational Financial Services CommissionFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityMarket Maker
4.34 /5
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75.6% of retail CFD accounts lose money
1.40 pipsUSD 0USD 142 pipsUSD 25.77500:1FCA Regulated Forex BrokersASIC BrokersFinancial Markets Authority of New ZealandDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersFinancial Services Authority – St. Vincent & the GrenadinesECN/DMA
4.43 /5
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N/A of retail CFD accounts lose money
0.49 pipsUSD 7USD 11.902 pipsUSD 25.77500:1ASIC BrokersSecurities Commission of the BahamasFCA Regulated Forex BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersMarket Maker NDD
4.43 /5
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72.90% of retail CFD accounts lose money
2.30 pipsUSD 0USD 232 pipsUSD 25.771000:1CySEC Regulated BrokersFCA Regulated Forex BrokersFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersFinancial Services CommissionThe Seychelles Financial Services AuthoritySTP

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