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TradingView is a tool that CFD traders can use to research, chart and screen stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, futures and bonds. It offers news feeds, a social networking capability that allows you to interact with other traders, and the ability to create both simple and complex charts. Subscription choices range from a free basic account that will allow you to explore the platform and practise trading to paid subscriptions for more advanced traders.

TradingView is now integrated with many of the major brokers and the company is working on integrating more all the time. This means, according to TradingView, that you can “trade directly on the platform through our supported, fully verified and user-reviewed brokers in just a few clicks”. You can access TradingView on tablets and mobiles via an app, and via web-based platforms.

These are the best Forex brokers for 2022 that offer TradingView to clients as a free service.

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Overall Rating
Official Site
Trading View
Min. Deposit
FCA (UK) Regulated
International Regulators
Max. Leverage
Trading Platforms
MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
Proprietary Platform
Beginner Friendly
Cost of Trading
EUR/USD - Standard Spread
EUR/USD - Raw Spread
Website Language: English
Support Language: English
4.68 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 20 FCA Regulated Forex BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersASIC Regulated Brokers30:111110.54.5/ 5 ExcellentUSD 60.60 pips0.60 pips
4.61 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 0 FCA Regulated Forex BrokersASIC Regulated BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersDFSA Regulated Forex BrokersBundesanstalt für FinanzdienstleistungsaufsichtSecurities Commission of the BahamasCapital Markets Authority30:1111115/ 5 ExcellentUSD 7.700.77 pips0.17 pips
4.49 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 100 FCA Regulated Forex BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersASIC Regulated BrokersFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityBritish Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission30:111110.54.5/ 5 ExcellentUSD 70.70 pips0.60 pips
4.24 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 50 FCA Regulated Forex BrokersASIC Regulated BrokersFinancial Services Conduct AuthorityCySEC Regulated BrokersBermuda Monetary Authority30:111110.54.5/ 5 StandardUSD 131.30 pips0.20 pips
4.23 /5
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Your capital is at risk
EUR 100 CySEC Regulated BrokersFinansinspektionenBundesanstalt für FinanzdienstleistungsaufsichtThe Seychelles Financial Services Authority30:111110.54.5/ 5 ExcellentUSD 80.80 pips0.40 pips
Global Prime
4.19 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 200 ASIC Regulated BrokersThe Seychelles Financial Services AuthorityVanuatu100:1111104/ 5 ExcellentUSD 80.10 pips0.16 pips
Go Markets
4.10 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 200 ASIC Regulated BrokersCySEC Regulated BrokersFinansinspektionen30:111110.54.5/ 5 StandardUSD 101.00 pips0.20 pips
3.98 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 25 CySEC Regulated BrokersASIC Regulated BrokersThe Seychelles Financial Services Authority30:111110.54.5/ 5 StandardUSD 181.80 pips0.70 pips
3.83 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 50 CySEC Regulated BrokersThe Seychelles Financial Services Authority30:111110.54.5/ 5 StandardUSD 151.50 pips1.50 pips
3.69 /5
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67% of retail CFD accounts lose money
USD 10 CySEC Regulated BrokersFCA Regulated Forex BrokersASIC Regulated Brokers30:1111104/ 5 StandardUSD 101.00 pips1.00 pips
3.52 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 500 FCA Regulated Forex Brokers30:111110.54.5/ 5 StandardUSD 70.20 pips0.20 pips
Black Bull Markets
3.50 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 200 Financial Markets Authority of New ZealandThe Seychelles Financial Services Authority500:111110.54.5/ 5 StandardUSD 121.20 pips0.18 pips
3.49 /5
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Your capital is at risk
GBP 500 CySEC Regulated BrokersVanuatu200:1111104/ 5 StandardUSD 161.60 pips1.60 pips

What is TradingView?

  • TradingView is a charting platform that also provides social networking capabilities. It is suitable for all investors, from absolute beginners to experienced investment professionals. TradingView has customers in 180 countries worldwide and claims it is used by more than 30 million traders and investors “to spot opportunities across global markets”.
  • TradingView states that it makes most of its money through monthly subscriptions and advertisements, adding “we don’t care if you trade or not”. That would indicate it receives no commissions based on client trades but instead provides a truly independent charting and social media service. According to a press release issued in October 2021, the company expects to partner and integrate with most major brokerage platforms over the next few years, to allow consumers to trade directly from TradingView.

Why use TradingView?

  • TradingView is good for both beginners and professionals. Its free account provides basic charting, research and analysis for those who are new to trading.
  • It is also useful for beginners because it lets you practise trading forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies without using real money, so that you can develop your knowledge and skills in a risk-free manner.
  • TradingView allows more advanced traders to create their own charts and indicators from scratch.
  • You can create simple charts to track one or two instruments, or complex, dynamic charts that map different instruments and indicators.
  • You can establish alerts that are sent directly to your desktop or mobile phone when specified criteria are met. There are 12 different alert conditions that can be applied to indicators or drawing tools.
  • Screening tools allow you to search for investments that meet specified criteria, such as stocks providing dividend income above a certain level, or the strongest-performing cryptocurrencies over a certain time period.
  • You can see what other active traders are doing, ask questions, gather ideas, collaborate with others in similar markets, and even sign up to trading courses offered by experienced members.

This is an example of an idea for currency traders that was published in early December 2021:

GBPUSD: Reversal Pattern Is Almost Completed - TradingView

GBPUSD: Reversal Pattern Is Almost Completed – TradingView

  • TradingView offers an extensive knowledge base of interactive drop-down and hover-over information pods across the website.
  • The platform’s charting capabilities include hundreds of pre-built studies, 50-plus drawing tools, and a set of tools for in-depth analysis covering the most popular trading concepts.
  • TradingView provides an extensive range of fundamental data for all major stock exchanges. These include 100 fundamental fields and ratios, financial statements, valuation analysis, and historical data that can be incorporated into charts.
  • You can watch other traders’ activity or publish your own, either live or as a video.

Which trading platforms support TradingView?

TradingView is currently supported on the following brokers’ platforms:

• TradeStation
• FOREX.com
• Alpaca
• Gemini
• iBroker
• Saxo
• Tradovate
• HitBTC
• WH Selfinvest
• Alor
• IronBeam
• Tiger Brokers
• Currencycom
• Chaka
• Global Prime
• Timex
• Bingbon
• Optimus Futures

Does TradingView have a desktop app?

Yes, it has a web app suitable for Windows, macOS and Linux.

TradingView vs Autochartist

Traders can access TradingView independently of a broker by taking out a subscription. The cost ranges from free to US$59.95 per month. Other charting and analytical tools such as Trading Central and Autochartist can only be accessed via a broker’s platform. However, once you’ve joined the broker, you can then access the services provided by Trading Central and Autochartist for free.

One of the main advantages of TradingView over Autochartist is its ability to execute trades. While Autochartist can highlight a potential trade and give you information about possible changes, it is the trader who has the final say about opening and closing positions. With TradingView, by contrast, you can see the buy/sell button directly on your chart. You can also place limit or stop orders directly from your charts.

The other advantage of TradingView is that you can interact with other traders, follow their ideas or even post your own ideas – an option that is not available on Autochartist.

How much does TradingView cost?

You can get a basic account for free to learn how the platform works and practise some trading ideas. The Basic plan is good for beginners, providing sufficient tools and data to start trading.

There are three subscription account types, paid for on a monthly or annual basis, as follows:

Pro: US$14.95 monthly

The key benefits of Pro are:

  • 5 indicators per chart
  • 2 charts in one window
  • 20 server-side alerts
  • Ad-free
  • Volume profile indicators
  • Custom time intervals
  • Multiple enhanced watchlists
  • Bar replay on intraday bars
  • Multi-monitor support in the desktop app.

Pro+: US$29.95 monthly

Pro+ offers all the benefits of Pro, plus:

  • 10 indicators per chart
  • 4 charts in one layout
  • 100 server-side alerts
  • 10 saved chart layouts
  • Intraday exotic charts
  • Charts based on custom formulas
  • Chart data export
  • Indicators on indicators.

Premium: US$59.95 monthly

This is the complete package, with:

  • 25 indicators per chart
  • 8 charts in one layout
  • 400 server-side alerts
  • Unlimited saved chart layouts
  • Second-based intervals
  • Alerts that don’t expire
  • 4x more data on charts (20K bars)
  • Publishing invite-only indicators.

All three account types come with a one-month free trial.

How can I get TradingView Pro for free?

You can get TradingView Pro for free if you sign up with a broker or a site that has partnered with the company. See the lists of the best brokers offering TradingView Pro for free to clients above.

How do I connect a broker to TradingView?

To connect a broker with TradingView, you first have to open a TradingView Pro account.

Once you have logged in, go to www.tradingview.com/chart and open the Trading Panel. You can then select a broker and start trading.

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