AuthorAuthor: Chris CammackPublished: June 2, 2022
EditorEditor: Alison HeyerdahlUpdated: April 2, 2024

Last Updated On April 2, 2024

Chris Cammack


Welcome to Let’s Talk Forex, the FXScouts podcast where Alison and Chris help beginner Forex traders get the best start to their trading careers. With years of experience in the world of Forex trading and writing broker reviews, Alison and Chris have a unique insight into how to start trading, tips and tricks, and advanced trading strategies. Traders can learn from their experience and make better financial decisions.

Alison and Chris cover a range of topics, including how to choose a Forex broker, safety and regulation, how to reduce your risk, trading psychology, trading platforms, and trading strategies, among others.


Chris Cammack
Head of Content

Chris joined the FxScouts Group in 2019 after ten years of experience in research, editorial and design for political and financial publications. His background has given him a deep knowledge of international financial markets and the geopolitics that affects them. He ensures that our content across all sites meets the standards of quality and transparency that our readers expect. He also hosts the weekly podcast “Let’s Talk Forex” alongside Alison Heyerdahl, covering topics such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and trading psychology.

Chris has a keen eye for editing and a voracious appetite for financial and political current affairs. His written work on macroeconomics, the Forex industry, and other factors affecting Forex trading and traders is frequently published in industry news outlets as well as traditional media.


Alison Heyerdahl
Senior Financial Writer

Alison joined the team as a writer in 2021. She is the Senior Financial Writer for FXScouts.  She has a medical degree with a focus on physiotherapy and a bachelor’s in psychology. However, her interest in forex trading and her love for writing led her to switch careers. She has a passion for Forex trading and over a decade of editorial experience researching Forex and the financial services industry, producing high-quality content.

She hosts a weekly podcast, “Let’s Talk Forex,” alongside her colleague, Chris, and has produced over 100 Forex educational videos for the FXScouts YouTube channel. She also writes weekly technical analyses and has tested and reviewed over 100 Forex brokers.

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