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Chris Cammack

It’s an interesting time for global stock markets, as volatility from an almost unprecedented cycle of global interest rate rises continues to feed into a chaotic mix of recession fears, supply chain disruptions and slow growth in China.

Despite the volatility, 2023 has been a strong year for stocks, with the MSCI All Country stock index posting gains of 13.5% already this year. And the retail stock broking industry has matured too.

During the Covid pandemic, the so-called meme stock explosion rocked the markets. Facilitated by pioneering, low-cost stockbrokers and huge governmental cash giveaways, the social media-led trading frenzy created huge market instability but quickly ran out of steam. Many novice traders lost thousands.

With many stockbrokers involved in the initial rush now being forced into downsizing and a more pragmatic approach, the field has opened for more traditional operators in the retail trading space.

XTB is one of the largest CFD brokers in Europe and has been at the forefront of Forex and CFD trading for over ten years. This summer, they have launched a full stockbroking service, allowing traders to invest in thousands of stocks from across Europe and North America.

XTB´s UK clients can now invest in more than 3000 shares from 16 exchanges with 0% commission charged on the first 100,000 EUR traded.

XTB stockbroking


“We strive to democratise financial markets. Therefore, expanding the product offer for investors in the UK is a natural step in this direction. We are constantly working on our development both in terms of products and technology,” said the CEO of XTB, Omar Arnaout.

Many of the most popular stocks in the world are available, including Apple, Tesla and Amazon, as well as a range of the most traded stocks from across the European bourses.

With over 700,000 clients worldwide, XTB has been one of our highest-rated brokers for many years. Our review team are especially impressed by XTB´s beginner-friendly xStation 5 trading platform and low trading costs.

For more information about XTB and its stockbroking service for UK residents, check out our XTB review.

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