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Alison Heyerdahl

We are pleased to announce that two new markets have rebranded to FxScouts.

Following the rebranding of TradeForexSA to FxScouts in April this year, Fx-India was rebranded on the 26th of September, 2023, and Fx-Australia on the 28th of September, 2023. Traders will find the change seamless, and aside from the branding and name change, the same team will be producing the same high-quality content for Forex traders of all experience levels.

• Fx-india.co.in was migrated to fxscouts.com/in
• Fx-australia.com was migrated to fxscouts.com.au

Bjorn Michels, CEO of the FxScouts network, felt it was the right time to begin the process of bringing the company’s local brands under the FxScouts umbrella:

“We have worked hard to expand geographically and grow the brand. The Australian and Indian markets have surpassed expectations, and we look forward to welcoming them to the FxScouts brand.”

FxScouts India and Australia will bring their trademark integrity and transparency to their respective Forex markets as we continue integrating the remaining local brands under the FxScouts umbrella. Brazil and Malaysia will follow in the coming months.

FxScouts’ Global Footprint

Founded in 2012, TradeForexSA was the first site in the FxScouts network of independent Forex broker review sites. It quickly built a reputation for journalistic integrity and honesty, and following this, FX-Australia was founded in 2017 and FX India in 2019. Both these sites were built to help traders get the best start to their trading careers.

Since its establishment 11 years ago, FXScouts is now available in 27 markets and 11 languages, and the rebranding of these websites is an important exercise in unifying the FxScouts brand.

About the FxScouts Group of Companies

Since 2012, FxScouts and its sister brands have provided broker comparisons and Forex education for new traders. FxScouts creates high-quality, factually correct, and meaningful educational content that furthers readers’ interest in Forex trading. The FxScouts team are journalists and write with journalistic integrity and our research and review process is free from commercial bias and conflict of interest.

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