Jeffrey Cammack

Jeffrey Cammack

Jeffrey Cammack – COO & Editorial Director


Jeffrey Cammack is the Editorial Director & COO of Schlossbrink AB – and an owner of the FxScouts brand. He has over 12 years of experience in financial product marketing, education and analysis.

Jeff has been a Forex trader since 2007, having first started marketing complex investment products in 2006. He narrowed his professional focus to CFD and Forex products in 2010 and has been reporting on macroeconomic issues and currency analysis since 2012. He has been quoted by various media outlets, including MarketWatch, Yahoo News and US News & World Report. His educational background in communications has given the organisation strong editorial direction and clear, actionable mentorship for our readers.

Jeff has held many educational, management and advisory positions in the online world. From his start in corporate education, his approach has always been to drive change and knowledge growth. He achieves this through clear and structured communication with the goal of helping others understand complex issues with ease.

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